ABOUT Reajklah-Art

Mette Halkjær Rasmussen

I am a self-taught visual communicator.

Through the universe of painting, I have found it possible to make use of my voice visually.

Where today it is the interplay between the canvas, the paint, the plasticcard and me that transform my quiet voice into visual paintings.

Paintings based on the time I am a part of. I like to put realism and symbols in new contexts, and thus comment on the realities of life with humor, seriousness and irony.

What do you see 

Is the whole focal point of my drive in terms of being a visual communicator.

A series shaped by a personal commitment, passion emotions and curiosity about the realities of life.

Where I strive for my own attitudes and opinions to step into the background.

So that the viewer through own approach to irony, humor and seriousness, can create his own frame of understanding, of the paintings, which are often ambiguous.

Work from my series: 

What do you see

Here I choose a little untraditionally to decode the painting with the floral motif.

The painting is a personal tribute to my late father.

The motif reflects a course of illness.

The personal and bodily transformation. As well as my experience of the course of the disease, as a relative.

(life, growth, decay and death).

But beyond that, the painting is also a reminder of the fragile nature we humans live in, with and off.

If the environment is distorted, the foundation that fundamentally provides the future basis of existence for the life cycles changes.

Which, among other things can be interpreted from the countertop which seems to float without a decision as to what holds it up.

As well as the unequal access of resources to the flowers, and how it can be transferred to our social structure in the world today.

A little insight of my thoughts and the drive that underlies my expression in my works from the series what do you see.

Painting consisting of two canvases.

1,5m x 2,0 m

Privately owned


November 2021 dato 26 - 28 

I exhibit Art Nordic. Which is Northern Europe´s largest art fair.

Lokomotivværkstedet Copenhagen.

Participates with new paintings.


Juni  2022 dato 03 - 05 

I am a part of the CPH Art Space censored exhibition

Godsbanen Århus

Participates with new paintings.


August - September 2021 dato 30-12 

I exhibited at the censored art exhibition CPH Art Space Filosoffen Odense


Oktober 2020 dato 6 -18 

I exhibited at the censored art exhibition CPH Art Space Filosoffen Odense


August 2020 dato 21-23

I exhibited at the censored art exhibition CPH Art Space Dokken København.