Mette Halkjær Rasmussen


All my paintings are painted with acrylic on linen canvas with a plastic card the size of a credit card.

A painting tool I find interesting to use. It produces the rough structural line I find intintriguing and which is characteristic of my paintings.

The dinosaur vs the cock....

The process from thought to canvas, is for me an immersive process.

Where I transform my thoughts into a concrete image for my inner gaze.

The color combinations, the many layers and the rough texture line in my paintings. Is for me a journey into the very soul of the stories I find exciting and relevant to interpret visually.

I strive a lot for my form of expression to invite the viewer into there own mindset. In order to thereby create his own frame of understanding of the messages in my paintings. Seen from the fact that they are most often ambiguous, with equal emphasis on irony, humor and seriousness.

I do not paint with regard to timetrend and colors, as it sets limits on my own creative ideas.

The dinosaur vs the cock....